Get Behind Good People who are Doing Good Things.

The Neighbourhood Pass
The Overnight Pass

We love this neighbourhood.

It’s packed with good people doing good things- the cafes, the bars, the restaurants, the galleries, creative businesses and hard working people, all of whom are the backbone of our community 

The hard reality is that fewer people will be heading out for the next little while, and the hospitality industry just can’t survive without them. While many people are adapting to new ways of living, the industry that enriches life in this suburb is one of the industries being hit the hardest.

So Paramount House Hotel has teamed up with local hospitality businesses to bring together a value packed Neighbourhood Pass, offering the best of Surry Hills eating, dining, and culture in one curated voucher. You can buy now (spend whenever) in support of your favourite local hospitality venues in these tough times to make sure they are still here for us on the other side.

The voucher’s value is split evenly between each venue, to support the hardworking staff while they weather the worst of this situation. Use the pass all in one go (if you’re an absolute baller) or you can tick them off one at a time.